Our chefs team has composed a constantly changing menu inspired by seasonal produce and ingredients.

First and foremost our focus is the true genuine taste. We process the high quality local produce, of course organic when best and available - including vegetables and meat from our own island Vejrø, our sister Resort. Here you will have a complete gastronomic evening.

Our 3-course menu can be upgraded with several dishes or try an all inclusive 7-course STELLA MARIS de Luxe menu. Furthermore, it is possible to extend the gastronomic experience through a number of acquisitions.

However, if you want a straightforward meal yet still a sublime gastronomic experience, there is always the option of choosing individual dishes.


Our wine selection completes the style of the kitchen and flavour trends. Our wine cellar serves wines from both small and large producers, mainly from France and Italy

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Bon appetite!


Watch an apetizer from the Restaurant 


Opening hours in the restaurant

7 am - 10 am breakfast

8 am - 10 am breakfast in weekends and holidays

12 am - 2 pm lunch

6 pm - 9 pm dinner

Bar & lounge

You are always welcome to enjoy a good cup of coffee of our own blend, a cup of tea or a refreshment.